Antenna Connector types [SMA vs RP-SMA]

In general, Helium Hotspots ship with RP-SMA connectors.

However, if you purchased one of the first 700 Helium Hotspots, it shipped with a regular SMA connector.

If you want to upgrade your antenna, double-check your configuration (use the example pictures below), to make the decision for which connectors to buy.

Read more on differences between SMA and RP-SMA:

These were posted in Helium Community Slack, and show the differences:
This is a representation of RP-SMA:

This is a representation of regular SMA:


Thanks for this @timf!

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You can also pick up SMA or SMA-RP pigtails for a few bucks.

IMHO the existence of RP-SMA was a total dud, the industry somehow believed that something as simple as a pigtail won’t ever exist and hence defeat the purpose of stopping one from connecting a high gain SMA antenna into a consumer wanna be low power RP-SMA device…