Antenna Upgrades (Better Range)

We’ve had a lot of discussion about which antennas are best to upgrade your Hotspot for increased range and even support outdoor setups.

Post pics of your setup, where you got your antennas, and let us know how well it’s doing for you!

Here is what I purchased:

Here’s it installed:

– Notes –
It’s winter time, so I shouldn’t have any over-heating issues. But come summer, I’ll probably need to create some vents on the bottom.


For a baseline, here’s the specification of the stock antenna (1.2 dBI)


I bought the Laird FG9023 (5 dBi gain) with FM2 mount.

I’m also 3 miles away form the nearest hotspot and at the time of this writing PoC requires hotspots to be within 1.6 miles from each other, so we’ll have to see when there are more hotspots how much this antenna improves my coverage.

***This was only a temporary install. I took it down and will add proper lightning grounding/protection as per recommendation.


That looks awesome! How long is your connector from the antenna to the hotspot?

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I’m using a 16’ cable that was recommended in the slack, but will be switching to a high quality LMR400UF per the recommendation of Tourmaline Wireless!


How do you (or can you really) check to make sure your new antenna is actually working/reaching more? I just installed new one. But clear on how that would work.

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I bought the same Altelix as OP. I have it mounted on my eave and connected with a 7.5M run of RG58. I’m witnessing and being witnessed by at least one other hotspot that is about 1.5 miles away. No idea how that one is set up. I’ll try and get a photo once it’s light out. Also have LMR400 cable assembly on the way. I figure with the RG58 i’m at least breaking even on gain with MUCH better placement due to the height.

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@Bbui can you share the Slack thread you mentioned with all of these recommendations? Sounds really helpful!

Also, does anyone know whether/how much it helps too have an antenna that is specifically for 900 Mhz or if a multi-band antenna (e.g. 600 Mhz to 2.4 Ghz) with comparable dBi gain is sufficient?

The cable is pinned I believe, but I ended up not switching it out as I’m able to witness other hotspots 2.5 miles away. I can probably go even further, but once I can test the limits I’ll look into upgrading the cable.

There’s a dedicated #antenna channel in