Bobcat - earn very less


my bobcat miner

Little Mango Kangaroo (antenna is on the roof at about 10 meters height.)
Rural Lime Alpaca (not in use, because same place)
Fantastic Fuchsia Cougar (not in use, because same place)
Urban Eggshell Shark (at my in-laws. Antenna is outside)
Dandy Wool Weasel (not in use, because same place)

i have had sometimes only with Lillte Mango 7-9 Witnesses. With Urban Eggshell Shark ca. 4-5.
I am earning only 0,01 Helium amounts per day.
often hero.
i have to often resett the miner.

I am despairing. I don’t know what to do to earn alot more.

Do you have an idea or solution?

earn so less i dont know why.

Hi @sisqonrw - it’s tricky since Helium is releasing IoT and MOBILE while migrating to Solana.

I suspect rewards will be lower for more traditional miners, regardless.


  1. Sell miners
  2. Look at new reward incentives (IoT or Mobile)
  3. Diversify your DeWi investments (if that’s something you want to do)

My Background: We’ve helped businesses and gov’t look at the Helium Network at the data level as a (Helium Partner) and explore Data Governance / Compliance. See reference

i am trying to sell but no one what to buy it.
do you have some example for IOT or Mobile.
can i use my current bobcat miners?


See example of Mobile here: The Wait Is Over. MOBILE Rewards Are Live. | by Helium Ecosystem | The Helium Blog

Info on Mobile rewards from Botcat:

Unsure if you can use your existing Bobcat miner.

i can not buy new other miners. i have to use my current miners. i have bought 5 bobcat miners.

is anything what i can do to get more earnings? can i pimp my bobcat miner ;-)?

the antennas are always outside.
i have not many miners in my hex.
the high of one is by ca. 20-25 meter