CAP finance on Arbitrum is interested in listing HNT pairs for leverage trading. Would Helium partner with them?

Hello there, I’m not affiliated with CAP finance protocol on Arbitrum, I’m just a user there, but I have been talking with the team about listing HNT pairs as HNT is coming to Solana in under two weeks now. I think it would be a great marketing opportunity for both Helium and CAP to participate in a partnership together. CAP V4 has had $8 billion in volume and traders actively speculate on their SOL/USD pair currently. Helium is a great project with vast reach and brand recognition in the crypto space so I think increasing exposure to HNT trading on a fully-decentralized, pyth/chainlink oracle-powered protocol like CAP is a win-win for both CAP and HNT.

Thank you for taking the time to read this idea of mine - looking forward to dialogue!

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