Closing down this community forum and inviting everyone over to Discord

Hey folks!
It has really seemed that this forum is not getting the activity like our Discord channels are.
I don’t want to have stale information up, nor promote fragmentation of info, so…

At Wednesday at 12PM ET, we will be shutting this forum down.

Don’t Panic!

Join us over on Discord at, and you will have faster answers to your questions, and much more interaction with other developers and network integrators.

Thank you all for understanding, and will see you over there!


I find a forum much easier to search for information, and easier to catch up when I haven’t been active for a day (the only practical way of “catching up” on discord is to click the “mark as read” button - I can’t even find the messages where I have been mentioned among all other messages).

But as you say, there is no activity here and information becomes stale, so there is a large risk new users become confused instead of enlightened.

See you on Discord.