Does support for ABP exists?

Hello there,

I am testing the Helium network with devices (end-nodes) custom and commercial devices.

There is only OTAA support? Not a major problem, sine the coverage is excellent. I just wanted to know.

Is your question, " Is there any OTAA (Over the air activation) support"

You should be able to find it here: Adding Devices | Helium Documentation

Also if you are looking for other approaches, here is a short list of 3rd party integrations: Helium Ecosystem

Thank you.

I already evaluating / using OTAA devices, the question was about ABP.

I read that some days ago, but when the documentation is not well written I tend to read it really fast. So I missed this (bold mine):

Once added, you’ll see a consolidated view of all your device details, as well as the Activation Method (only OTAA is currently supported).

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ABP is not supported in Helium

ABP is working on the new HIP70 Chirpstack based stack which is going into beta very soon. Stay tuned!