Does support for ABP exists?

Hello there,

I am testing the Helium network with devices (end-nodes) custom and commercial devices.

There is only OTAA support? Not a major problem, sine the coverage is excellent. I just wanted to know.

Is your question, " Is there any OTAA (Over the air activation) support"

You should be able to find it here: Adding Devices | Helium Documentation

Also if you are looking for other approaches, here is a short list of 3rd party integrations: Helium Ecosystem

Thank you.

I already evaluating / using OTAA devices, the question was about ABP.

I read that some days ago, but when the documentation is not well written I tend to read it really fast. So I missed this (bold mine):

Once added, you’ll see a consolidated view of all your device details, as well as the Activation Method (only OTAA is currently supported).

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ABP is not supported in Helium

ABP is working on the new HIP70 Chirpstack based stack which is going into beta very soon. Stay tuned!

Are there any updates on this? Is it in production yet?