Eduroam Network Requires Username and Password

I am trying to setup my new Hotspot at work and I am at a University that utilizes Eduroam to provide wireless networks for personal devices. Eduroam requires username and a password to connect to the network.
I don’t see a way to put in a username when setting up the Hotspot.

Any suggestions?

@jmeg8r Unfortunately you won’t be able to connect to networks that have username based logins or captive portals at this time.

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If you have another device that can connect to the network (perhaps an Android phone) and you are able to change the MAC address on the phone to match the hotspot, you can login with the phone, disconnect, then connect with the hotspot.

I’ve done this with one of my hotspots on a similar network


That’s a great idea. I might give that a go. If I can’t make that work then I will have 2 hotspots too close together i.e. in the same house.

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