Hotspot internet connection ... why?

Hi. Is there any documentation that describes what the internet connection for the hotpot is used for? Does any data that is transmitted between hotspots exit via that connection and if it does what is the firewall between that data and the hotspot owner?

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Hi Eporediese,
Good question, I looked for an answer myself tonight and thought I would share. The whitepaper covers the type of traffic to/from the internet at a high-level, on pages 5-6 (section 2.7 Routers).

Best practice would dictate that the Helium Hotspot should be treated as a public-facing “server” Treating it as an “untrusted” device on it’s own DMZ will prevent any traffic from “spilling” over to the home (LAN) network. If you already have a firewall in place, it would just be a matter of configuring a DMZ or VLAN. For Wifi, utilizing a “guest” network on your access point is probably the easiest and quickest way to keep the Helium segmented from the other devices on your home network.

Thanks Sean - that’s helpful and I will certainly do that.

However, the question that I was trying to ask was how to avoid the liability of other people’s data terminating on my network. This was answered by the whitepaper …

“ Routers are the termination point for Device data encryption. “


We cover the Router here, too, briefly:

(As an aside, the whitepaper needs some revising at the moment. In its place, we’re working to bulk up the blockchain / network docs on

Personally I like the whitepaper, thanks for sharing it, but adding some more easily digestible content too makes sense.