Increased Witnesses whilst raining

Hi everyone,

I’d love to pick your brains, I have a hotspot miner (Bobcat 300) and it has always been somewhat poor at rewards etc.

For the first time in a long time we had a rainy day where it rained all day with no breaks however my miner all of a sudden began witnessing beacons say every 1 to 2 hours and my rewards went up substantially.

Today it was gone back to normal weather and the witnesses have dropped almost to zero again.

My setup is a bobcat miner 300 with a 5.8dbi external antenna mounted to my property with an approx height of 10m.

My area is reasonably saturated so you think I could be getting interference where maybe I need some kind of filter connected to the antenna.

Hotspot name: Large Chilli Salmon in UK

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hello, has this miner ever preformed better than it is now? How saturated area are you in? Miners in adjoining hexes? How are you set up? I.e lmr400 cable, lightning arrestor, total distance of coax? This will give me a start.


I don’t have miners around me and I am only using the stock antenna inside by a window in a second floor, but I accept that this isn’t a region that’s great for beaconing or witnessing, but that’s not the issue I’m asking about.
My device has not yet constructed a challenge for a beacon in another part of the world.
Even if I get nothing at all in terms of witnesses for my own beacons, or witnessing other beacons, shouldn’t I at least be conducting challenges for other beacons in other areas of the world? That is likely the only way I can make any HNT.
When I look at the activity of other miners on Exolorer, they all have a variety of activities such as witnessing, beaconing and then, constructing challenges for other beacons around the world.
My device has been challenged by other devices around the world (for which nobody is here to witness my beacon) but it has not once yet constructed a challenge for another beacon elsewhere in the world.
Is there a reason it is not making its own challenges?
Do I need to do something for it to start constructing is own challenges?
I understand that my beacons can’t be witnessed and that I have no beacons to witness, abs I accept that as just the reality of my situation, but that’s not what I’m asking about.
Why am I not constructing challenges for other beacons around the world? Does something need to happen first before it will construct its own challenges?

I am sorry, i received this reply as an email and assumed it was in response to a question i posted and now see that it is a reply to another thread entirely. I didn’t ask to be notified of replies to other threads and assumed it was a reply to my own. I am new to Discord and trying to figure out how this works. Please forgive my nonsensical reply that doesn’t relate to the question in hand lol

Hi Large Chili Salmon,

This is the very general description we’d need to know

  1. Is this rain use case the only time your Miner has performed well?
  2. How many other Miners are in your area and are they in your Hex?

Good tools to help answer these questions could be, by Nova Labs.