Integration of ThingSpeak in Helium-Console

Hello, I run a weather station with several sensors and use helium and UBIDOTS to visualize the variable data values. Unfortunately I can only use a maximum of 3 devices and a few widgets free of charge in UBIDOTS. I would pay, but not the high price.
My question: I would like to switch to ThingSpeak because I already know it a bit.
How can I integrate ThingSpeak into the Helium console? I am a beginner and therefore need support (in simple explanations).

Many Thanks

Hi @4711engel,

You should be able to load data into ThingSpeak using MQTT and there are lots of other tools that you can integrate to pull your device data.

We personally setup our own pipeline and only reference Helium data based on use cases. Hope this helps and good luck with what you are trying to achieve.

Many thanks for the answer.
Since I’m a beginner, I’m looking for a description of what I have to do to set up an integration with ThingSpeak on the Helium console.

Step 1. Helium Console - My Integrations and “MQTT”

Step 2. Get ThingSpeak MQTT API details - Data Channel

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