Location change fee & regional pioneer incentives

How long will we be able to change the GPS locations of our helium hotspots without incurring a fee?

I am considering moving mine to a different town which will put me in range of other hotspots. It’s current location is in a town where I am the only helium hotspot user and their doesn’t seem to be any incentives to pioneer a region. Seems the only way to make a decent amount of helium tokens is to be near other helium hotspots. Which is unfortunate.

If we really want the coverage to grow there should be much bigger incentives for those that place them in areas devoid of other helium hotspots. Otherwise you run the risk of deterring potential early adopters in regions that don’t currently have any hotspots.

For example. Hotspots that both have no other hotspots within a certain radius, say 1 mile & also are not in signal range of other hotspots would earn x amount of helium just for providing the coverage. Then to continue the trend, hotspots that are maybe 5 miles away from their closest neighboring hotspot would earn even more. And the trend would continue as the distance increased.

I think this would help grow the network faster in rural areas instead of just in large cities. Which is the current trend based on the map.

This of course would be in addition to earning tokens by creating challenges for others, which is a trivial amount.

I am also curious about this. When my unit arrives, I am “in between” downtown Dallas, TX and there is another unit in Arlington, TX but I think the closest unit in either direction is more than 10 miles away and has typical city congestion. I do want to look into an external antennae to improve range but it could be some time before I am able to communicate with other hotspots via ota.

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If you’d like to move your hotspot and reassert location, you should do so now while Data Credits and the associated fee have not yet been implemented. The current projected timeline for Data Credits is Q1 2020.

With that said, because you are changing your location, keep in mind that your hotspot score will reset.

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