Missing HNT after merg.?

Hello, after receiving my tokens in the new wallet app i notice that i missing tokens ?

Which tokens HNT, IOT, MOBILE? and how do you know they are missing?

I’m a little lost how the new wallet works. Seems like we need to buy Sol then use the Sol to receive IOT. Looks to me like there’s only one winner here or am I missing something?

As Helium is on the Solana blockchain all transactions are now paid for in SOL. But the costs of the transactions are tiny. Eg transferring HNT between wallets on Helium costed $0.35 but the cost on Solana are in fractions of a cent.
So yes you need some SOL, but its a tiny amount compared to the costs you paid before.
That was one of the reasons for moving to the Solana blockchain. It would be cheaper.

Thanks for explaining that part I struggle to get help on how the Helium wallet works. I still don’t get what we are earning. On the Helium app we were mining HNT which had a value in USD. We are now mining IOT do we convert this to HNT it’s become more confusing.

LoRaWAN hotspots now earn IOT, which you can exchange for HNT within the app.
Or other places like jup.ag allow you to trade for other cryptos as well

Thank you once again Adrian eventually I will have gathered enough information. I lost my way a little when we changed to the new wallet. Losing the Helium app I lost the ability to see my hotspot performing which I find very frustrating. Wrote to Rak a few times but they can’t offer a suitable replacement so I’m using Helium Geek it’s not as good as the Helium app was.