MQTT broker problems

I think that your MQTT broker might be down when I try to send “Hello World” to Channel MQTT it give me error code 250 but when I send it to another one of my channel it works fine. also in the serial monitor it says “connected success, creating channel failed, sending failed.” please help

more info I"m using an arduino uno with your helium atom running the basic sketch

Hi there. So, the “Helium Atom” this is very old hardware, and is not compatible with the most recent
revision to the wireless protocol and cloud tooling. Also, the APIs that are able to route data for Atoms will be taken down at the end of this year. So, unfortunately, we won’t be fixing this MQTT end point.

I would recommend you read up on the new development kits, Helium console, and Network capabilities. I would start here.

Thanks for the response I’m just wondering why you would take it down, I bought my atoms last year and haven’t really had time to play with them is there like a refund or anything?

Or if there is a way to reuse them and make then into a IoT device without helium that would work, it just I invested $300 into these and would hate to see that go to waste.