MQTT Implementation Feedback

quick mqtt questions:

what are you trying to accomplish with mqtt?
what endpoint do you want to send it to?
what publish/subscribe topics do you want?
what mqtt features do you plan to use?
mqtt session length before inactivity timeout?

I’d use it to publish basic messages (QOS 0,1 for sure, 2 would be nice) and to subscribe to get bidirectional control messages. At a minimum for bidirectional, QOS1 for publishes and at least QOS1 for subscribes (since a device wouldn’t be persisistently connected).

Payload might be JSON, which is nice for including all the metadata, putting the actual payload in there too.

I’d also like to have state messages published- any metainfo you know about a node, for instance. Not sure LWT makes much sense.

At a minimum I’d expect user/pass with TLS1.2+ to be supported, and obviously client certs (for services like Amazon MQ) would be nice.

I’d expect to be able to configure an endpoint for the publish (eg that you send to me), or at least a prefix.

Don’t care about session length.

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hi Tedder, thanks for sharing your feedback. Very helpful. Much appreciated.