Please add network stats to diagnostic (RSSI, etc) in Hotspot

I think it would be useful for users self-diagnosing problems and possibly Helium support to have the things like following info in the diagnostic report (doesn’t need to be on the mobile app screen, but in definitely in the email)

  • RSSI of the AP it is connected to (maybe take a 3-5sec average?)
  • a count or network (uplink, not 900Mhz) failures or retries in the last X hours (maybe since last diag run, with a max of 24hrs?
  • last successful contact to or from network side.

Thanks, Krby. I’ll get with the team and see if we can get some of these slated for development in some form. I’ll keep you posted. Please keep the suggestions coming.

Yes, I have noticed my light go yellow from time to time and a log showing why would be pretty okay.