Public Hotspot "Profile"

Allow hotspot owner to optionally save public “profile description” text to their hotspot.

In my case, I would temporarily share my email address on the description so a nearby hotspot owner might be able to contact me.

Future improvement ideas after MVP:

  • Ability share profile text that only other verified hotspot owners can see
  • Ability to opt-in to receiving messages from other verified hotspot owners (requiring very small about of HNT to send a message to prevent spam)

I like the idea of costing DC or HNT to send messages to other hotspot owners. Perhaps it would be easier to just cost DC/HNT to set the ‘profile description’, that way Helium doesn’t need to deploy/support a messaging system. Then people could provide whatever communication method they want (PGP, Email, SMS), and Helium wouldn’t be liable for whatever is communicated.

Helium would need to have a CYA clause for whatever content is generated by the hotspot owners in the ‘profile description’.