Setting Cayenne as an Endpoint

I’m working on an IoT tracking system, to send GPS data from my discovery board to a map based system. I would like to send the data to Cayenne. Has anyone already done this? I’m not finding a simple way to setup Cayenne as an http endpoint.

Hi @zootsewt!

After looking at Cayenne briefly it looks like they only support MQTT between devices and their system. We will be releasing MQTT channel support very soon in Console, but in the meantime you can always use the HTTP channel to forward your packet to another service that will then communicate with Cayenne’s MQTT endpoint. We just released a guide that shows you how to use a simple service from PubNub to receive the HTTP packet from Console, decode it, and then forward it to an IFTTT webhook endpoint. Instead of forwarding the packet to IFTTT, you could instead use PubNub’s MQTT support in the function to forward the packet of data to Cayenne’s MQTT endpoint. Here’s the MQTT API documentation on what Cayenne expects.

Let me know if I can help or explain anything further!

Thanks! I’ll work on getting that all setup. Is there a simpler way to show location information from my Lora device on a map than using cayenne?