Showing off my hotspot shed

I designed and printed a bracket for the hotspot about a week ago but I’ve been waiting for a DC-DC adapter to arrive. It came, so I designed a quick little bracket for it, got the Helium off my desk, and put them both out at my ‘off the grid’ shed.

The shed has decent wifi to the house, it also has a good place for an external antenna (on a little mast next to my satnogs station), yet the hotspot can stay warm and dry and powered from endless DC power.

I have a really beautiful length of LMR-400 coax to feed the antenna. I just… need the antenna to arrive.


Ha! Awesome. Every hotspot deserves its own shed.

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I didn’t post a pic of the antenna once I got it? Oops. Here it is.


I have a 3D machine and I can design one, but to save me time. Are you willing to share the STL file for it?

Yeah, the link to the bracket design is in the first sentence.