Spoofing (faking) helium hotspots on the network?

I think there might be people spoofing helium hotspots on the network.

I live near the town of modesto, CA, population: 201,165. Somehow there are supposedly 775 helium hotspots on the map for this relatively small town.

In comparison. The San Francisco Bay Area with a population of 7,750,000 has less then 700 helium hotspots.

All of Los Angeles/Sandiego combined only has 449 hotspots.

New York City and nearby surrounding areas only have around 550 helium hotspots.

This leads me to believe that all those hotspots in Modesto are not real helium hotspots and are being spoofed/faked via software.

What is going on in the tiny town of Modesto, CA?

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@ShootAnyAngle, are you able to get Helium connectivity in Modesto? We have a program running where we can send you out a LoRaWAN Field Test Unit to validate legitimate Helium Network coverage if you would like…


My helium hotspot has never been able to connect to any of them.

Sending out a LoRaWAN Field Test Unit would be awesome! I drive around the the SF Bay Area, so I could use it there as well.

Reddit seems to have figured it out… https://www.reddit.com/r/HeliumNetwork/comments/ipj72o/comment/g4m6tg6?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=comment_timestamp

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