Support for existing IoT devices?

Like the idea of Helium, but I think you are totally missing the main use case to get people to me to shell out $400 for the device. Your pitch is 1) earn Helium coins - My reaction - I’ll take em, but it’s not a reason to buy. 2) Help Create the Future - Yeah, but that not a reason to buy.

What about enabling it to support existing IoT devices we already have installed in our homes, e.g. Ecobee, Wyze, Kasa, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wemo, Feit, Sense, etc. I hate the poor reliability of my ISP (Comcast) that keeps causing my devices to drop off the network. It’s a maintenance nightmare. Need a more stable and reliable network for my 100+ devices. If you can offer me a solution to that, then I am more than willing to shell out the $400. Spent some time checking out your blogs and community posts and all the chatter is about earning coins or inventing new use cases. Nobody talking about support for existing IoT device suppliers.

Good points here.
The Helium Network can support pretty much any off-the-shelf LoRaWAN node. As far as other protocol devices are concerned, you can absolutely build “protocol bridges” to convert from one to the other. In fact, just sitting on my desk are both a modbus to LoRaWAN device:

and a BLE / LoRaWAN bridge device:

I have run a home automation setup for well over two decades, and I can field any questions/concerns you may have in this regard.

Lemme know!

Good to know their architecture supports such to be added. Now they need to get busy to either partner with the other device mfgs to implement interfaces, or develop said interfaces and sell them as add-ons. Z-Wave, Zigbee and BLE are the obvious starting points. Having hobbyists build their own does nothing to improve the large scale adoption of Helium.