What Android version is supported by Helium app in Google Play Store?

We tried every Android smartphone or tablet available in our little group, 12 in all. NONE were able to see the app in the Google Play store, despite finding the entry with a search. We could not find the level of Android required to support this app either. But a 4 yr old iPhone 5s worked fine!

Thanks for posting the app requirements, at least as a link from here:

Got an Android 9 tablet which did install and run the Helium Hotspot app just fine. Even a 1 year old Samsung phone of my daughter was an Android 7 and would not run this app. Is it possible to build on a more common Android version, such as v7?

Hi there. We officially support Android 8+. It’s been out since May 2017. Given it’s been available for ~2.5 years, it seemed like a reasonable version for our baseline.

We’ll make this version number more explicit on the /app page.