Where's the packet forwarder <--> miner management interface?

Hi everyone,

Maybe I missed something in the DOCs library - I can’t find the management interface for hot spot owners? Where do you see all gateway participating clients, proof-of-coverage activities, your own credits/balance, data traffic analytics, radio status, channels utilization etc? The console is front end device management tool, I am looking for the gateway specific “console” so to speak?

Thank you

I was also expecting this info to be available on a section in the Console, but the app https://www.helium.com/app is where you’ll find it. Unless you have a DIY hotspot; for those you’ll have to rely on the log files on the hotspot.

@mfalkvidd thanks for the pointer, ok so no web GUI at all? That’s fine but as you possibly suspected - I am talking about DIY hotspot with RAK and Pi via the AWS AMI as the miner, oh well I hope Hilium integrates the AMIs into an app or web GUI - whatever they choose

Hi @bubba198

You might find that the Mylar app developed by some community members might cover what you are looking for: https://mylar.app/

Otherwise, we are working on eventually having some hotspot/miner management features in Console eventually. We just have a lot going on lately with Data Credits at the moment, but our intentions are to start building some hotspot related Console features later.


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@Louis Thank you for the detailed update Louis, I will try the app for sure. I totally agree - analytics and “repatriation” of the DIY hot spots branch would put it on part with the commercially available one that Helium sells thereby affirming your commitment to DIY and the open source culture which has made us all where we’re today. Thank you

I tried the Mylar app, but my miner is not available in the list of miners to add. I guess only official hotspots are supported.

Correct. As Louis said above, we plan to make these supportable in a future release. We just need to get a few other features out the door. Thanks for your patience.


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