Miner not challenging

Hi all,
.i have set up a Bobcat 300 and it is synced and sending out beacons. I get challenged at the usual rate but my beacons aren’t witnessed because there are no other units near me. There was one in the next hexagon over but by the time i got my miner, that one had gone inactive and is no longer online.
At any rate, that’s really beside the point.
The issue I’m curious about is why i have not yet challenged any other miners around the world.
Is there a certain amount of time that must pass before my device starts challenging others? Does one of my beacons need to successfully be witnessed before i become eligible to challenge others?
I have been challenged plenty but not issued any challenges of my own yet.
Do i just wait? Or does something need to happen before it will start issuing challenges of my own?
I only ask because living in this rural area with no miners near me, challenging is probably the only way i will receive any HNT.
I AM curious if there is something i need to do to configure it to start issuing its own challenges in the network. I haven’t been able to find anything about challenging on the web, only problems related to not witnessing or not beaconing but nothing about not challenging.
Maybe i need to just be patient and wait and it will eventually happen but not knowing if i am waiting patiently for naught, or not, is leaving me hanging with doubt.
Thanks for the help!