Multiple API requests optimalization


I have been coding a python script to get informations about multiple hotsposts (about 1000).
The API often responses status code 429 - Too many requests. To workaround that status code I am manually adding some time in between each my requests but right now it takes me about 20 minutes so get all my hostpots data.
In the documentation they recommend to use User-Agent to prevent from that “too many requests” response but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Is there any good approach to get hundreds of requests from the API?

Any advice would be appreciate.


Hey Viwal,

You need to contact stakejoy directly and pay them or run your own http/etl.
If you look into the response description, you will find exactly what needs to be done:

“Error 429 You are being limited. The ip or client you are using has been identified as a potential source of traffic issues against the helium api. If you need assistance please email and we will get back to you promptly.”

Hey Rutvik,

thanks for your answer, I will ask stakejoy.
Where did you exactly get that “response description”? The only information I see in response is:

<head><title>429 Too Many Requests</title></head>
<center><h1>429 Too Many Requests</h1></center>


Hi @viwal - I’d suggest you open a ticket here or in the Helium channel before you use a 3rd party ETL. We run our own ETL to pull Helium data and haven’t run into this issue.

Open Issue here - GitHub - helium/blockchain-etl: Blockchain follower that follows and stores the Helium blockchain

All the best,


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Hey Rutvik,

I sent an email to and not getting any reaction. Is there any other option I can do about that? I mean anyone who can help me out with helium API multiple responses?


Hi @viwal - Can you shoot us an email at

Our team can help as we set this up before.

We handled a similar request for contact with Helium. See news piece: Own Your City Data with DataGovs, Starting in Miami 🌇 | by McKenna Boen | The Helium Blog